SGEkXAD – Darma, Shairy – Temptation 2 by Alana H

SGEkXAD – Darma, Shairy – Temptation 2 by Alana H
SGEkXAD - Darma, Shairy - Temptation 2 by Alana H
Models: Darma, Shairy
Released Date: September 23, 2016
Size: 458 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 60fps, 00:12:47
Description: Darma and Shairy are standing in a cozy bedroom, making out. Darma, with long, deep-auburn hair, is wearing a leopard-print bustier and thong. Raven-haired Shairy is dressed in a black satin robe, which she soon slips off before lying naked on the bed. Darma straddles her, after stripping off her own panties to display a rounded ass and full-bushed pussy. Shairy unfastens and removes Darma鈥檚 bustier and the two grind together, skin on skin. Darma sucks on Shairy鈥檚 tits and slips a hand down to finger her slit and trimmed pussy. As the excitement rises, their moans and sighs get louder. Darma slides down to lap teasingly at Shairy鈥檚 pussy, before hooking a finger knuckle-deep inside of her, pumping it in and out and thumbing her clit. Soon she鈥檚 sucking on the nub and easing a second finger inside, as Shairy splays herself wide with two fingers. Shairy rolls over, ass in the air, and Darma eats and frigs her from behind. Darma retrieves a bubblegum-pink sex toy from the nightstand, spit-wets it, then slides it into Shairy鈥檚 pussy, working the built-in tickler against her clit. Shairy soon flips onto her back again, writhing and moaning loudly as she cums. As she relishes the afterglow, the two kiss tenderly and spoon on the bed.