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Category: X-Art

X-Art – Jessica – Black Widow Photos

Model: Jessica
Released Date: November 27, 2015
Size: 41 MB
Quality: 75 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: Come Celebrate Black Friday with us and enjoy this suspenseful X-Art erotic thriller ~ Black Widow. Red roses and a bottle of wine serve as a prelude to a passionate lovemaking session featuring gorgeous brunette Jessica and her well-hung stallion, Calvin. After an amazing blowjob, Calvin pushes his bulging cock into her aching wet pussy. You can see the juices flowing as she takes him all the way. We don’t want to spoil it.. but there’s a surprising conclusion!
title:X-Art – Jessica – Black Widow Photos

X-Art – Chrissy Fox – Hot Winter Fox Photos

Model: Chrissy Fox
Released Date: December 01, 2015
Size: 68 MB
Quality: 96 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: When beautiful strawberry blonde Chrissy Fox curls up by the fire with her hot boyfriend, the sparks between them fly. It’s their 6 month anniversary, and she is more than ready for the romantic massage he’s offered. He pours oil over her smooth skin, making her glisten and glow. As he massages her ass, her cheeks spread, revealing a glimpse of her perfect pussy. Soon, his cock is rock hard. The lovers embrace, she pulls his cock inside of her. Their bodies shudder as they come together. What a way to spend a winter night!
title:X-Art – Chrissy Fox – Hot Winter Fox Photos

X-Art – Lily Ivy & Carter – Like the First Time

Model: Lily Ivy
Male Performer: Cater
Released Date: December 07, 2015
Size: 672 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:10:52
Description: This is Lily Ivy’s first-ever time having sex on camera. It is raw. It is real. These are real people, not professional porn performers. It is not perfect. It was shot in one take. Join these two lovers as they explore their exhibitionist fantasies for all of us to watch and take pleasure in. You are the very first in the world to see this beautiful young woman sharing her uncensored sexuality on film. Enjoy the beauty of the hot, authentic moments!
title:X-Art – Lily Ivy & Carter – Like the First Time

X-Art – Lily Ivy – Beautiful Pleasure Photos

Model: Lily Ivy
Released Date: December 15, 2015
Size: 69 MB
Quality: 84 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: Sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world is watching a gorgeous girl pleasure herself. Lily Ivy is a gift to us all. Enjoy!
title:X-Art – Lily Ivy – Beautiful Pleasure Photos

X-Art – Izzy – Its Getting Hot in Here Photos

Model: Izzy
Released Date: December 22, 2015
Size: 214 MB
Quality: 120 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: It’s cold outside but it’s getting hot in here with Izzy and her lucky lover! Enjoy this prelude to the HD video soon to come! Happy Holidays! XO Brig and Colette
title:X-Art – Izzy – Its Getting Hot in Here Photos

[X-Art] Lillianne – Content Creator To Watch

X-Art | 2019-04-08 | HD-Video 1080p | 994 Mb

title:[X-Art] Lillianne – Content Creator To Watch

X-Art – Kenna, Madi Meadows – Sexy Summer Camp Photos

Models: Kenna
Released Date: January 04, 2016
Size: 336 MB
Quality: 43 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: A gorgeous blonde and beautiful brunette sneak away to their cabin in the woods for a weekend of wild sex. Before the boys arrive, Madi and Kenna get down to business. The Great Outdoors has never looked better!
title:X-Art – Kenna, Madi Meadows – Sexy Summer Camp Photos

X-Art – Jessica – Work It Sex At The Office Photos

Model: Jessica
Released Date: January 05, 2016
Size: 60 MB
Quality: 83 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: If you were at the office, what would you prefer to find on your desk? A stack of papers and memos? Or the incredibly beautiful, sexually irresistible Jessica? The girl with the absolutely flawless body and that unforgettable face shows you how to fuck your boss with style. In real life, Jessica and Calvin love to fuck whenever and wherever they can. And they jumped at the chance to recreate the “boss and secretary” sex scene for you — X-Art style. Jessica’s pussy was wet in anticipation, and I know that her cock sucking skills left everybody on the set gasping. Jessica clearly loves “working under” Calvin — and on top as well. Her orgasms are real and hard, and this couple’s passion when his cock entered her from behind and then missionary style on the desk left no doubt what was to cum. I plan to watch this scene over and over! Want to join me? XOXO, Colette
title:X-Art – Jessica – Work It Sex At The Office Photos

X-Art – Ria Sun – Sweet Fucking Sensations Photos

Model: Ria Sun
Released Date: January 13, 2016
Size: 597 MB
Quality: 106 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: New X-Art Girl Ria Sun brightens any room she enters — especially when a lucky guy gets to enter her! This European blonde babe with the delicate features and killer body likes to be blind-folded during sexy foreplay. She loves the sensation of her partner’s tongue on her full lips down there, the pleasure of being finger-fucked, a blind blow job, and the feel of a large cock inside her young pussy when she is soaking, dripping wet. And, yes, Ria also likes to be eyes open when she rides a cock to hot orgasms. Look for her expression of erotic bliss in the mirror as things get hot and heavy. Is this girl in fucking heaven or what? I bet you also would love to join Ria for some sweet fucking sensations! XOXO, Colette
title:X-Art – Ria Sun – Sweet Fucking Sensations Photos

X-Art – Lily Ivy, Madi Meadows – Horsing Around Video

Models: Lily Ivy, Madi Meadows
Released Date: January 18, 2016
Size: 472 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:07:44
Description: Lily gets ready to ride her horse, while her good friend Madi has a better idea! Madi pulls Lily’s riding boots off, unbuttons her white cotton blouse, and pushes her back onto the bed.
Madi wastes no time pulling her friend’s pants right off, exposing a pair of light blue panties and Lily’s gorgeous, athletic legs.
The clothes come off and the girls touch their lips together in a gentle embrace. As Lily straddles her, Madi reaches her hands up to touch Lily’s gorgeous, full breasts. The girls take turns making each other cum. The only thing missing is you!
title:X-Art – Lily Ivy, Madi Meadows – Horsing Around Video

X-Art – Jessica – Dressed to Kill Photos

Model: Jessica
Released Date: January 21, 2016
Size: 27 MB
Quality: 32 Photos at 4000 Px
Description: Jessica is formulating a dark erotic fantasy in the back of her mind.
Seeing her seated a sleek silver luxury coupe exudes ‘sex with class’.
The car’s smooth lines and Jessica’s slender body fit like a glove. Jessica’s mind floats off to a wicked place as she opens her dress and let’s her hands wander.
Her hard nipples, those killer legs and her wet pussy are something to behold. Jessica begins fingering her clit and finger fucking herself in a sexual reverie all her own.
She imagines the warm blood pumping through her lovers’ veins – and his raging hard cock.
She’s a Black Widow, waiting for the right moment…
title:X-Art – Jessica – Dressed to Kill Photos

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